Kiddimoto Balaance Bike Evel Knievel


Kidimoto Evel Knievel balance bike

Made from sustainable birch plywood, this official Evel Knievel balance bike is suitable for kids aged 3 and up. It features and details such as a twin ‘exhaust’ under the seat, a styles tank and tails and a sculpted rear swinging arm. As well as this it also features Evels signature stars and stripes and number one decals.

The handlebars are designed to rotate for the complete MotoGP experience, and the steering is limited to 30 degrease to prevent the bike from jacknifing.

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Pneumatic Tyres
Kiddimoto unique design
Age 2 years And Up
Twin Exhausts
Full safety testing to EN71 UK and European Standards
Wooden – Birch plywood made with managed and sustainable trees
Weighs 5kg


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