If you’re looking to upgrade from a kick scooter, our range of commuter & electric scooters, electric bikes are the perfect option, allowing you to save your legs as you ride in style. Running an electric scooter is exceptionally cheap, just recharge your battery and go! Good for Adults & older Kids, these units have high power and weight tolerance

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We repair Pure Electric – Inokim – Nanrobot – and most other brands of Escooters & Ebikes

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Battery Charging Guidlines

  • Charging the battery with out draining it from time to
    time, damages the memory and reduces the
  • Never leave on charge overnight.
  • Do not charge for more than 10 hours.
  • Most scooters will charge within 6 hours.
  • If the battery becomes too warm, turn off

  • Make sure you are using the correct charger for
    the ebike/scooter.
  • Never buy a battery without a compatible charger.
  • Never leave batteries uncharged for more than 6
    weeks, this could damage the battery permanently.
  • All our products come with known battery
    manufacturers. Tesla/ LG/ Samsung/ Gens Ace.
  • Hot & Cold climate has a serious effect on the performance of LiPo batteries.


Ranger 800w Kids Electric Mini Quad Bike V2

Kids will have the time of their lives riding this tough little monster.

The Ranger features LED headlights, big wheel and tyres with a farm-style UTV style body, including front and rear racks for the full farm quad look.

Don’t be deceived by the images, it looks larger than life and is a great replica, but is a true mini quad – Height is 68cm, Width 62cm and the Length 102cm. This is perfect for younger children.

With great torque and real outdoor rubber tyres, as with all our children’s quad ranges, these are not your traditional ride-on toys.

Almost silent, this quad will offer hours of fun in almost any children’s outdoor environment, not just the kitchen!

Solidly built and simple to maintain, the quad will deal with grass, gravel, concrete and even gentle off-road.